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Relocate Global is a leader in the Relocation of companies and citizens with an impeccable

15-year reputation.

Investment in a second passport/ residency allows our clients to have more freedom in traveling, higher flexibility in business operations, access to different healthcare & educational systems. 

Our clients get dual citizenship, residency, and /or passport by investments in governmental enterprises, verified stable real estate projects, and by philanthropy donations. The main benefits of these investments are the opportunity to visit over 180 countries without visas, and access to better education, healthcare & finance systems.

We know that all our clients expect luxury and personalized offers in the relocation industry. Leave a request and our manager will select the best solution for your situation.


Our mission is to help clients with their relocation inquires. Starting from decision of the program up till the passport delivery. 

We provide a personalized approach for each client, where we minimize your worries & maximize the quality & speed of our services. 


No matter what reasons do our clients have, we help them to achieve the desired outcome with the highest quality and precision.

Be it investments, business expansion, family relocation or any other goal, Relocate Global is able to make it happen.

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