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American Immigration program is also knows as EB-5 Visa program. It was launched in 1993. The program grants the permanent residency to successful entrepreneurs. 30 month of residency is required during the period of 5 years.

Minimum Investment: $900,000.

Process Time: 23 Months.

Visa-Free Countries: 188.

The investments can be in size of $900,000 in existing successful commercial enterprise, that works on the rural area improvement. Option 2, is investment of $1,800,000 in new commercial enterprise.

The citizens of USA can visit 130 countries without a visa, 36 countries with e-visa, and 22 countries will provide visa-on-arrival.


The applicant is required to meet the following requirements:

• The minimum age of 18 years
• Have a medically approved health certificate
• No criminal record
• Get due diligence verification
• Obtain governmental approval of the application
• Provide income sources confirmation


Following family members can apply for citizenship together:

• Husband/Wife of the applicant
• Children, both adopted & biological not older than 21 years
• Parents and In-laws older being dependent of applicant


• Being an American national, you have the right to consular protection and assistance from any USA consulate worldwide.

• You may also live, work, study, and develop your business in the any state of America without restrictions, and you'll have access to worlds’ best healthcare, lifestyle & education.

• USA is the most demanded citizenship program worldwide, it grants the ability to qualify for it after 5 years of residency.

• After completion of 5 years of residency, the application can be forwarded for USA citizenship by naturalization.


• No need for interviews, language tests, or previous work experience to be able to apply for this program.

• Yet, applicant & his co-applicants are required to maintain minimum residency period.

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