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Immigration Investment program was launched in United Kingdom in 1994. The residency visa is granted to nationals outside of Switzerland and EEA. The program was revised in 2008, the previous format of work permit was abolished and new system based on Points (PBS) was implemented Points Based System.

Minimum Investment: £50,000.

Process Time: 5 Years.

Visa-Free Countries: 189.

The investments can be in size of £2,000,000 and sustain residency for 5 years. Or invest £5,000,000 and sustain residency for 3 years. And the fastest option, requires investment in amount of £10,000,000 and residency of 2 years.

The citizens of United Kingdom can visit 136 countries without a visa, 32 countries with e-visa, and 21 countries will provide visa-on-arrival.


The applicant is required to meet the following requirements:

• The minimum age of 18 years
• Have a medically approved health certificate
• No criminal record
• Get due diligence verification
• Obtain governmental approval of the application
• Provide income sources confirmation


Following family members can apply for citizenship together:

• Husband/Wife of the applicant
• Children, both adopted & biological not older than 25 years
• Parents and In-laws older than 65 years and dependent of applicant


• Being a Great Britain national, you have the right to consular protection and assistance from any UK consulate worldwide.

• You may also live, work, study, and develop your business in the any part of UK without restrictions, and you'll have access to worlds’ best healthcare, lifestyle & education.

• It is the most prestigious citizenship program worldwide, UK grants the ability to qualify for it after 5 years of residency.

• Applicant can subject his foreign income to non-domicile tax regime.

• After completion of 5 years of residency, resident can forward his application for UK citizenship by naturalization.


• UK requires all applicants to attend interviews, and pass language tests. The verified work experience can also be used in application. It is also required to fulfill minimum required residency, in order to keep resident status.

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