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Portugal has launched its residency by investment program back in 2012. Applicant must invest in the governmental entities minimum €280,000. After 5 years of proven residency, Portugal can advance the application to citizenship by naturalization program.

Minimum Investment: €280,000.

Process Time: 6 Months.

Visa-Free Countries: all 26 Schengen Countries.


• Being a resident of Portugal, you are also becoming a member of the European Union. Thus, you have the right to consular protection and assistance from any European Union consulate worldwide.

• You may also live, work, study, and develop your business in the European Union without restrictions, and you'll have access to world-class healthcare.

• Dual citizenship is permitted in Portugal, allowing you to maintain your current nationality.

• Portugal has low tax rates and possibility to make business with all EU zone.

• It is required to visit country in person at least for 7 calendar days annually, during 5 years of residency.


The applicant is required to meet the following requirements:

• The minimum age of 18 years
• Have a medically approved health certificate
• No criminal record
• Get due diligence verification
• Obtain governmental approval of the application
• Provide income sources confirmation


Following family members can apply for citizenship together:

• Husband/Wife of the applicant
• Children, both adopted & biological, younger than 18 years
• Parents and In-laws older that are dependent of applicant

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